My Most-Excellent Week!

In my last post, I promised deviations from the AFFFG blog charter (i.e., food writing). Well, here we are sharing our first deviation together: My Most-Excellent Week.

First, through a weird coincidence of comp time and the Labor Day weekend and other beneficial astrological alignments, I only had to work Wednesday and Thursday of this week. That got everything off to a great start, naturally.

Then, on Tuesday, I finished my novel. I have been working on it for SIX YEARS. Yes, I said SIX. Almost to the day, actually. As I recall, I started in September or October of 2002. What can I say? I’m slow. No news there. So now I begin revision #1. Actually, I am referring to the current draft as the Rare draft. Next will be Medium Rare, with the eventual goal of getting to the Well Done draft (get it?) Gawd, I do crack myself up. Revising is something I actually enjoy, so I’m looking forward to this part of noveling.

And in other non-food-related news from this week, I am also getting a short story published in the forthcoming Writers’ Dojo journal. I’ll let you know when it comes out. But for now, get on over to the Writers’ Dojo site and check it out. It’s an awesome place, both online and in person.

Whew! Pretty exciting stuff for the little hermit crab (a nickname of mine). I’m busted out of my shell this week and out in the world!


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4 responses to “My Most-Excellent Week!

  1. Congratulations, I’m so excited for you!

  2. mjennings26

    Thanks, AM!

  3. cmurphpt

    So, novels are a bit like squid – best either rare or well-done? 😉 Congrats from both of us – J&C

  4. mjennings26

    Novels are also like squid in that they have many unruly tentacles that must be dealt with properly.

    Thanks, guys!

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