The New Food Reality

Regular readers, I have updated My Health Project page for your reading pleasure. Read all the gory details here.


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3 responses to “The New Food Reality

  1. I know you’ve tried everything under the sun but I’ve got one more thing to throw at you. Have you ever tried hyaluronic acid supplements? I don’t even know what they do specifically, but I know that they are good for both skin and joints. My daughter Nikki has SEVERELY dry skin and eczema and she has joint problems (not arthritis, but a lot of popping and aching). We saw an improvement in the dryness of her skin, her eczema cleared up, and her joints stopped popping AND aching within one week of taking the supplements. We order ours from Swanson’s Health Products. I don’t know…it just kills me that I can’t “fix” you…I’m a fixer. I want so badly for you to be comfortable in your body. Best of luck in your continuing journey.

  2. mjennings26

    Hmmm. No, I have never heard of that. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I am going to keep on keeping on with my current regime for a couple of months and see what happens. I hate to throw so many potential solutions at myself at once because then I get confused as to which ones are actually working or not. I’m sure you know how that goes having dealt with your family’s food/health issues.

    Anyway, thanks again! I really appreciate the concern and the “fixing” impulse.

  3. Of course, you are right. I didn’t really think about that.

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