Gluten-free Rice Krispie Treats (sort of)

These should really be called Gluten-free Rice Chex Treats, but Rice Krispies long ago cornered the market such that now we can’t call them anything else without it sounding funny.

One would assume that Rice Krispies are gluten-free. However, one assumes very incorrectly. One found this out in the middle of the cereal aisle and almost had a nervous breakdown (I was on a time crunch to get these made for a work event). So for the record, Rice Krispies are not gluten-free.

What I didn’t know in the middle of the cereal aisle is that Rice Chex are gluten-free. It even says so on the front of the package. Your honor, I offer you Exhibit A:

Box of Rice Chex saying it's gluten-free

Box of Rice Chex saying it's gluten-free

Pretty sweet, eh? I love how there are so many celiacs now that people like General Mills feel the need to advertise their gluten-freedom to corner their own market share. I dream of a reality where all the major food manufacturers are competing against each other to show how they are more allergy-free than the other guy. Nam-yoho-rangay-kyo, may it be so.

In fact, not that I’m all for food being manufactured or anything, since I don’t feel the words “food” and “manufacturing” really go together, but I am glad to see this page of gluten-free recipes on the General Mills site. Let me know if you try any of them.

I’ve had this fascination lately with recipes that are on the sides of food packages. It harkens back to an era when plenty of folks actually made dinner from food labels. Many of my own childhood favorites are food-label recipes, such as Tuna Roll, Favorite Noodles, and Green Jell-o Salad. I’ll have to write about those some other time.

But while writing this post, I poked around a bit and can’t wait to try many more of these food-label snack recipes, like here and here (can you say PeepSicles?), modified for my particular needs. Then, there’s always Allergy Mom’s own ode to Rice Krispie Treats here.

Anyhoo, back to me and my Rice Cereal Meltdown. I got ahold of myself, went home, and asked the Oracle (aka Google) what rice cereal is gluten-free. I then quickly secured the Rice Chex and went on my merry way to Rice Chex Treats nirvana. And my oh my, but it was nirvana. Making them made me feel like I was eight years old again because I have probably not made any kind of Rice-Marshmallow Treat since then. It was amazing how much came back to me. For example, grease your hands before pressing the treats into their final resting place. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s the recipe, somewhat straight from the back of the Jet-Puffed package (Jet-Puffed are GF). I have to modify the recipe to avoid the cow dairy (alternatively, you can go here and try Rice Chex’s recipe). Use the goat butter if you really want to mystify your eaters and/or you like using “secret” ingredients for that extra “These are so good! What’s in these?” effect.

Gluten-free Rice Chex Treats

3 T goat butter

1 package Jet-Puffed marshmallows (big or small kind)

6-8 C Rice Chex cereal

  1. Follow the recipe on the label, which basically involves microwaving the dairy and marshmallows till they’re somewhat melty, then start to add the cereal, like so:

    The magical beginnings of GF Rice Chex Treats

    The magical beginnings of GF Rice Chex Treats

  2. Mix your little heart out. Hey, it’s hard!
    Mixing the Rice Chex treats--which is like mix glue in a windstorm

    Mixing the Rice Chex treats--which is like mixing glue in a windstorm

    3. Grease your hands with butter or vegetable oil and press the mixture into your prepared pan thusly:

    Rice Chex Treat, the final product

    Rice Chex Treats, the final product

  3. 4. Do I really need to tell you what to do next?


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7 responses to “Gluten-free Rice Krispie Treats (sort of)

  1. Thanks for this great tip. I bought the rice checks today, and had no idea I could have these! The cereal I usually buy is twice the amount of Checks so it saved me money!


  2. mjennings26

    Hi Traci! Well, it’s my pleasure. So glad I could help you out…and save you money (even better!)

  3. nepeht

    Great pictures — no kidding. Did you do those yourself?

  4. mjennings26

    Yep, I take them myself.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. NSchmidt

    I made both the Muddy Buddies and the Valentine Chex Mix from the gluten free recipes at the General Mills site. Both are very good.

  6. Cookin' With Kate

    I made these this weekend for a gluten-free friend’s birthday party, with a few changes.
    Instead of usuing goat butter I used regular butter, as it doesn’t include gluten.
    To make them a little fancier, I put scoops of the crispies into cupcake pans. Then I got marshmellow puff cream and made little swirl designs on top. I finished it off with dyed pink sugar.
    They were an adorable gluten-free birthday treat! And so easy!

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