Red, White, and Pork!

Summer is here (finally)! And I feel pressure to celebrate each and every sunny day in a properly worshipful way because summer is the most precious two-month window of time here in the PNW. I now totally understand why it’s not uncommon for families back east to move heaven and earth in order to wipe their schedules clean and go out to a lake for a month. Yep. I totally understand that now.

We’re having a party tomorrow to celebrate a few things: the birth of our great nation, the completion of our kitchen remodel, and pork (pictures, more recipes, and blog posts to follow). We went very traditional with the menu:

  • Coleslaw
    (DC is making me a special version without mayo. Woohoo!)
  • Cornbread
    (DL is making this; I’m going to skip it due to not being in the mood to make an allergy-free version.)
  • Barbecued ribs
    (I riff on this recipe by omitting the garlic and using 3/4 c of brandy instead of bourbon; I also add about 2-3 tsp each of salt and ground black pepper at the end.)
  • Slow-roasted pork with Sally Schneider’s ancho-cocoa-cinnamon rub
  • Peach ice cream (made with goat milk)
  • Mint juleps

Naturally, rain is forecast for tomorrow.

DL stoking his smoker
DL gearing up for the party by practicing with his new smoker.


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5 responses to “Red, White, and Pork!

  1. This sounds great! Enjoy!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog. I am sorry for your allergies. I am so used to reading about kids with allergies that it is kind of nice to “meet” another adult going through the same thing.


  3. mjennings26

    Hi Traci,
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I know just what you mean. It is nice to meet other adults with food allergies. I just hope we “grow out of them” someday!

  4. mbb

    As an ex (non-native) Kentuckian, I can totally relate to the mint juleps! How did it go?

  5. mjennings26

    Hi mbb! Thanks for the comment. The ‘Cue went well. I’ve been meaning to post some photos of the “‘Cue Watch” that we conducted the morning of the Fourth–basically adjusting the temp every hour and checking the ribs. Mmmmm!

    Thanks for reading! Stop by anytime!

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