Life Frazzlement, or, Chocolate Chips for Dinner

Is it really wrong to eat chocolate chips for dinner? So much is going on in my life at the moment, not the least of which is my imminent appointment with the rheumatologist (tomorrow). Put it all together and I guess I’m a little nervously frazzled.

I want to post about eating my way through the Portland Parkways event, but it’s getting late and those chocolate chips didn’t go very far tonight in terms of my energy level, sadly. So. Stay tuned, dear readers.


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2 responses to “Life Frazzlement, or, Chocolate Chips for Dinner

  1. wellll…
    I’m assuming they’re dark chocolate which is full of antioxidants. 😉
    I always joke that, with all of her allergies, even Emily’s “junk food” is healthier than what a lot of people eat normally. If it makes you feel any better she had dry oatmeal straight out of the package for breakfast yesterday.
    I hope your appointment goes well. I haven’t looked at your health log lately, I guess I should go look at it and get my self up to date.

  2. mjennings26

    Thanks so much for reminding me about chocolate and antioxidants. I feel so much better now!

    Basically, the doc just ran some tests. So nothing to report yet. Just another step on the Healthy Journey.

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