Gluten-free Portland News Update, Part 2

So, not sure how many of you have heard, but I’m elated that a new New Seasons market will be going into the old Daily Grind space on SE Hawthorne and 40th. Woohoo! May the parking nightmare of Seven Corners be O-V-E-R! You can read the press release here. Thanks to my tipster, JM, for this news!


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2 responses to “Gluten-free Portland News Update, Part 2

  1. stefanie

    I saw that press release on New Seasons’ site (completely by accident; I needed to compare the price of cherries…). I think it will make the intersection at 39th and Hawthorne even more of a nightmare. The existing parking lot is postage-stamp size, and 40th is where two lanes merge into one heading east and people will block traffic trying to turn when they’re heading west…and it’s already a bit hairy at rush hour. But then I guess new development of any kind in my neighborhood makes me grumpy. Sigh.

  2. mjennings26

    Yeah, who knows…maybe they’ll redevelop the site and add a roof-top or underground parking lot. One can always dream.

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