Salads Galore

Apparently I’m on a salad kick this week. Which is much better than last week’s cookie kick. We’ll call it my salad cleanse.

Some of the tropical fruits are showing up at my market right now. I love pineapple, so here’s a little somethin-somethin we ate recently at A Foodie’s Fall world headquarters:

Pineapple, bacon, manchego salad

This is pretty straightforward: slice some pineapple, fry some bacon, and serve with your favorite cheese. We had it with manchego. The cheese’s slightly salty flavor and dry texture went well with the sweet juicy pineapple and the fat flavor bomb we call bacon.

Another idea for those fruits that are currently in season: avocado, blood orange, and bacon (always in season at our house):

Avocado, blood orange, and bacon salad

This one is also easy: slice some avocados, fry some bacon, and toss with blood orange pieces, orange and/or lime juice, and salt. Then say, Mmmmmm.

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