Side Show Dinner

How you know someone’s a good cook: side dishes. When I go out to a new restaurant, if the sides are good, it’s like reading the first ten pages of a novel by a new writer. Please, take me where I need to go. Let me put my trust in you. And if they nail it, or get pretty close, it’s like stepping back safely from the ledge of a bridge. Yea! I made it! You’re fabulous! Thank you!

So often at home, however, I eat like an alley cat. What’s behind this old carton of sheep yogurt? Do we have any rinds of cheese? How about some popcorn? Seriously, I’ve already eaten popcorn twice for dinner this week. Hey, it’s a good side. That turns into dinner.

When I actually make something, I like to make this little ditty.

Roasted Peppers with Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese

I don’t know what to call it other than roasted peppers, but it’s more like roasted peppers with other good stuff.

Roasted Peppers with Other Good Stuff

Roast a bunch of yellow, red, orange, and/or green bell peppers. Do this by slicing them up and then tossing them very lightly in olive oil. Lay them out on a baking sheet not touching each other (hey! don’t touch me!) Roast at 350 or 400F or so until they’re browned. You can toss once in the middle of cooking. This takes about a half hour total maybe. Sorry, I don’t really pay attention, as you can tell.

When they’re done, toss the roasted peppers with any ol’ olives you have lying around. I like Trader Joe’s kalamatas in a jar (no sulfites!) Toss with some salty and/or sharp and/or any ol’ cheese you have lying around. I like feta. If you have some fresh thyme, all to the good. Dump it in. Add some fresh ground pepper et voila.

Pretty easy. But very tasty. It’s the kind of thing that starts as a side but often just turns into dinner. You know, like popcorn.

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