My Hands Are Plastic

For those readers who simply can’t wait until I update My Health Project page, here’s a photo of my new plastic hand. It’s fake, not actually real.

Just kidding. It’s real. But it might as well be fake because my hands haven’t looked this good since I was about twenty-five. I bow down to the almighty steroid and cortisone creams, for which I am truly grateful.

Those little black Frankenstein stitches are from the biopsies. I should get the results next Friday. Until then, I’ll see if my new plastic hands can cook any better than my old hands.

Hand as of March 4 2008

My new plastic hand

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One response to “My Hands Are Plastic

  1. What a beautiful hand!!! I have been following your saga and your photos, I am so happy you are doing better! Every time my 12 yr old would start whining about her dry cracked hands that look like “old lady hands” I would show her one of your pics and tell her to count her blessings…I don’t think I’ll show her this one. lol

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