Lobster Love

Every Valentine’s Day for the past few years, we’ve cooked lobster at home. This tradition started because we had had one too many bad pre fixe VD restaurant meals. I buy the lobster at a great Asian market on Powell where I can point to the poor sucker kicking in a tank and, Julius Caesar-style, order its death: “Bring me the lobster! The impertinent one with the claws!” (For those of you Dr. Katz fans).

This year, however, what with the kitchen remodel in full swing, we decided to do something different. We would have lobster, yes, but we’d do it at a location not likely to be crammed with sweethearts and overworked waiters. Enter, fabulous Chinese restaurant.

Here’s the victim, a.k.a., “dinner”:

Lobster Before

The lobster, before

And here he/she is after:

Lobster After

Lobster in ginger-scallion sauce

This was a pretty tasty dish, I must say. And I enjoyed it in the relative emptiness of the restaurant. I have to keep the location secret now so it isn’t wall-to-wall next year.

The other nice thing about this meal was that it contained a truck load of garlic. As you will recall, my allergy blood test a few months ago said I was allergic to garlic. It’s been 24 hours since the garlic-binge and I’m feeling fine. I have just a few new blisters on my index finger, but that is well worth being able to partake of the stinking rose. This is pretty awesome.

I’m off to reheat the Peking duck and make duck/fat stock. Mmm!

Peking Duck


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2 responses to “Lobster Love

  1. Celiac of NoPo

    Damn that looks good Melanie! I may just have to torture you to disclose the location of that lobster and peking duck dispensary.

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