Football Food, Part 3

Okay, maybe I’m having way too much fun with this football food thing. Alas, I can’t help myself.

So with the super-bowel coming up (and of course you’re rooting for the Giants because they’re the underdogs), things should be getting, well, oily in the kitchen, no? Once again, I’m thinking about goat-buttered popcorn. Last night I tried it with some fresh rosemary cut in. For those of you who haven’t been following this recent obsession, I’ll draw up a little recipe here. Vegans, you can make this without the goat butter. Just substitute the butter for a fruity, flavorful olive oil. The corn-allergic should steer clear of this recipe.

Goat-Buttered Popcorn with Rosemary

Pour about 3 tbs of olive oil into a big pot and crank up your electric burner. Add about 6 tbs of popcorn (I know, I know! I really need to start measuring things for your sake). Let it get nice and hot, shaking the pot back and forth to coat all the kernels with the oil. Any second now, the kernels’ll start popping.

Meanwhile, melt about 3 tbs of goat butter in a small skillet. Chop up a couple of teaspoons of fresh rosemary and toss that into the butter (or olive oil).

The popcorn is done when you don’t hear any pops about 5-10 seconds apart. Keep shaking the pot so that the popcorn doesn’t brown or burn on the sides or bottom of the pot. Put the corn into a big bowl. Toss the browned popcorns to your dog or cat so they can share the joy. Pour over the melted butter/oil (onto the corn, not the dog), toss the kernels, and add some kosher salt. My advice: don’t get all fancy and add minced garlic. You will detract from the goat butter flavor, which is what you’re after.

There you have it. My favorite treat of the past month. Naturally, you’ll want to eat this with a big glass of goat milk, Okie style. Enjoy!

Goat-Buttered Popcorn

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