Electric vs. Gas, Part 2

It’s amazing how agonizing this decision has been. I can’t believe how much I’ve thought, talked, and read on this stupid topic. But folks, we have our winner, and it’s electric.

There were a variety of factors: we didn’t already have a gas line to the house; we didn’t absolutely hate our current electric range; we didn’t want the city in our house (required for the permit); and we didn’t want an additional bill.

For the curious or mutually obsessed, I did get involved in a long, and maybe helpful to you, discussion at Chowhound on this topic. Hopefully that helps you make up your own mind. If I didn’t have all those reasons to go electric, I will say that my preference would have been a dual-fuel model.

After we decided on electric, then it was all about which electric. We started out looking at Bosch, KitchenAid, and JennAir. This JennAir won in the end. KitchenAid had several negative reviews about a loud, whiny fan whenever the oven was on, which is unacceptable (I hate that kind of noise). The Bosch did not have the specs I wanted, which were that it needed to be able to power two large pots at 2700 at the same time. Other requirements included a warming drawer and enamel-coated oven racks for self-cleaning (which I didn’t get–only GE makes them and you can’t get them as an after-market item).

In other news, I have been elated by my blog stats this week. For a new blog, I can’t believe how many of you have found me. Thanks so much for reading and drop me a line sometime! I love suggestions.

Now I’m just waiting for my new range to arrive…

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