In Memory, Leo 2001-2007

We interrupt our regularly scheduled food-related content to bring you this tribute to Leo, who made our life on earth a little easier.

Leo, August 10, 2001-December 18, 2007

Leo transitioned from her Earth life to the Great Waterfall in the Sky this week. Leo was a gentle, affectionate, and sweet white pied cockatiel who liked to take baths, ride around on her mother’s shoulder nibbling earrings, lay many, many, many eggs, and screechsing loudly. Always one for a road trip, Leo traveled often between San Diego, San Francisco, and Portland. She especially enjoyed accompanying her parents on their honeymoon at the Oregon Coast.

Leo’s health began to fail this fall due to an unknown bacteria from which she never recovered, despite treatment. She died at home peacefully surrounded by her family and in her mother’s hand.

Leo’s final resting place is under the honeycrisp apple tree in the backyard. She is survived by her human mother and father, her bird sister Buzz, her dog bro Pickle, and many human family members on both sides of her family tree. Leo will be sorely missed.

See you at the Waterfall, Leo. Leo after bath

Leo after a bath on Belmont Street.

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