"Suffering Diet" Should Induce Miraculous Recovery

Here’s what I’m currently not eating: uhm…actually, it will just be a lot simpler to say what I am eating, so, here’s what I am eating: most vegetables (except starchy things and nightshades), some fruits, fowl flesh, lamb, legumes, and nuts (except cashews, pistachios, and peanuts). It’s pathetic. But am I feeling better? I have to say that I have improved, but I am not cured. I have been eating this way, with some variation, for about three weeks now. I gave up dairy about a month before that.

I guess what’s frustrating is that I am happy to food-suffer, I’m somewhat used to it, but if I’m going to suffer, I want a full cure as my reward. I definitely do not have a full cure.

In fact, while some symptoms retreat, as if to take their place I have started feeling this weird muscle soreness, for example, taking a shower and washing my hair is fatiguing. It hurts my arms. I try to be the mad scientist and just observe from afar what is happening to this poor shrinking woman (remember Lily Tomlin?), but I can’t help but have massive anxiety about this. I don’t need any more symptoms. I’m quite fine with those I have already.

I liked what a new acquaintance told me a few days ago. He is an acupressurist and he said that they refer to their health challenges as “projects” rather than “problems.” So, currently, my health project is my wonky autoimmune system, which I am trying to heal through diet. I have to say it does make me feel better to call it a project. It sounds more like something in my Inbox, that will soon be in my Outbox with a little work.

Current symptoms: blistering hands, swollen and stiff joints, constipation, mouth sores, muscle soreness.

Current craving: yogurt.


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2 responses to “"Suffering Diet" Should Induce Miraculous Recovery

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  2. mjennings26

    Hi SOG knives,
    Have you ever seen the movie, “Safe”? It’s a fantastic flick about a woman who gets environmental illness.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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