Bitch-slapping My Food Mojo

So…today I felt good about food. And about life. This despite the fact that I woke up at 4 in the morning with squirming UTI pain, tossed and turned in bed for an hour, and then finally got up at 5:30 and balanced my checkbook, squared my accounts with Hub, and finally bought and downloaded McAfee antivirus software (it only took me several years to finally do that). By 7:30, the pain was gone and I had gotten so much done! I’ll have to wake up with writhing UTI pain more often.

This morning I realized that this blog is all about me bitch-slapping my food mojo and taking control of this undesirable, yet uncontrollable, situation in which I currently find moi-self. Who’s it going to be here, me or the mountain? Answer: It ain’t gonna be the mountain.

So with that, I set about doing some cooking. It’s been a long time coming. I riffed from a Julie Sahni recipe and made what I call Indian Collard Greens, as shown here (note our very fashion-forward plywood countertop):

Indian Collard Greens

The recipe goes something like this: heat some oil in a skillet. When it’s hot, toss in about a teaspoon of cumin seeds. When those get nice and toasty and dark, toss in some minced garlic, red pepper flakes, and dried ginger. Mix it up. Cuisinart (it’s a verb) a bunch of collards. When the oil is nice and flavored, toss the ground greens in and heat through til the greens are as toothy or disintegrated as you like.

Then, I reheated some mole (with ground turkey), added a half glass of hazelnut milk, and called it lunch. (Mole recipe may be forthcoming. I’m not sure how I feel about recipes on blogs. Do people go into MEGO-mode or actually read and like them?)

Happy to be getting my food mojo back. Now I want a new camera to blog my progress better.

My Green Lunch


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2 responses to “Bitch-slapping My Food Mojo

  1. Mary

    I just bookmarked the link and can’t wait to sit down with a glass of wine and savor properly . . .

  2. Kristin

    I think recipes on a food blog is key. Like all information, they can be overwhelming, but if I think the blogger is trustworthy and/or (preferably the “and”) the blog is enticing with good photos and crisp text, I definitely keep reading through—and often copy—the recipe.

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